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Useful Websites for Taipei Parents:

1.) Taipei City Government Parent-Child Centers


This site provides information and Q+As on the 13 free government run play centers available in Taipei City, as well as the 10 free smaller community-partnered play centers.



2.) Taipei City Childcare Resource Center  (Chinese language)


This is a directory of professional babysitting, child care centers, kindergartens and children's after-school care centers in Taipei. 



3.) Taipei Municipal Government Nursery Information Service Network  (Chinese language)


If you’re looking for a childcare provider, this site run by the Taipei City government is a useful source to find babysitters and child care helpers.



4.) Taipei Youth Program Association


TYPA provides quality recreation and education programs for adults and kids in Taipei's English speaking community.  The range of activities includes robotics, public speaking, sports, dance, music, martial arts, gymnastics, art, scouts and many other activities.



5.) The Center


The Community Services Center is a non-profit organization that provides a support network of counseling, activities, events, cross-cultural education, and information services to meet the needs of the whole international community in Taipei and throughout Taiwan.  This includes Mom & Baby Yoga, Hikes and Outdoor experiences, Newcomer orientations for parents, and perhaps most importantly, a staff of counselors that includes individuals trained in play therapy for kids of all ages, who may be having a hard time adjusting to an international move and other expatriate-specific issues.

6.) Taipei Parents

This is a closed group.  When you join you’ll find a supportive, judgement-free community of parents useful for crowdsourcing answers on childcare, local services, schools, doctors, activities and more in Taipei.

7.) Play it Forward - Children’s Stuff to Buy and Sell

This is a closed group.  When you join you’ll find a group where you can buy & sell children's new or used-but-in-good condition items.

8.) A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei


A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei is a useful resource for finding good food and restaurants in Taipei.  Readers can search for restaurants around each Taipei MRT stop, and each restaurant includes a description on kid-friendliness.  It can be useful if you want to find a good place to eat near a play center or park!    


9.) A Toddler in Taipei

The ultimate English guide for children’s activities in Taipei for kids 0 - 12 years old. The site provides ideas for kid-friendly activities in Taipei sorted by age, area, and attraction type.


Useful General Taiwan Websites:


1.) Forumosa is an active online community where you’ll find questions, answers, stories, and opinions, how-to advice, things-to-do, things-to-avoid, and so on related to Taiwan.


2.) Taiwanease includes articles, a directory, and forums useful for tourists, business travelers, and the international community in Taiwan.  Make sure to check out The Parent Pages section.


3.) Taipei Information Exchange


It's a public FB page for expats and friends to find events, places, pose questions and answers, and discuss anything related to life in Taipei.


4.) Taiwan News


Taiwan News is an all-digital English language newspaper that offers news on a wide range of stories on key events in Taiwan and around the world, presenting in-depth looks at the people, places and practices found in Taiwan. 


5.) Taipei Times


The Taipei Times is both a print and digital English language newspaper for national and international readers, presented from a Taiwanese perspective.  They provide local breaking news, politics, society, business and culture, as well as incisive, insightful analysis of the political scene.


6.) International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT)


International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) is Taiwan’s only English language broadcaster, with the mission of bridging cultural gaps and integrating the resources of Taiwan’s local and international communities for the ROC’s continued growth and prosperity.

Useful Taiwan Travel Websites:


1.) Travel Taipei


To promote international tourism, Travel Taipei offers a user-friendly travel website (available in several languages) where visitors can find a variety of travel information including food, transportation, accommodation, events and activities.


2.) Taiwan Toursim Bureau


This is a promotional website from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau that includes travel itineraries, e-guides, and information on all the uniques sites available to see in Taiwan. 


3.) Taipei Parks (Chinese language)


Looking for a complete list of all the parks in Taipei with their facilities? While not always the most easy to navigate when google translate is active, this site is a wealth of information concerning parks in Taipei.  


4.) Yangmingshan National Park


This site provides recreation information for Yangmingshan National Park in Taipei, including a list of park resources and scenic spots.


5.) Topology Travel

A travel company in Taiwan that specializes in custom trip, including those tailored to families with young kids.  Tours provide unique hands-on activities, opportunities to interact with locals, patient and trustworthy tour guides, kid-friendly accommodations, and they even work around nap times! 

5.) Klook Taipei


Provides Taipei car rental services and airport transfers to both Songshan and Taoyuan airports.  Car seats available upon request.  Other tours and tourist related services also available.  


6.) Agoda


Agoda is Asia's leading online hotel reservation service, focused on securing and providing the lowest available hotel prices in every destination worldwide. 



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