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Zhongqiang Park

Fuyang Eco Park - A Toddler in Taipei - Explore Taiwan with Kids

A Park with Colorful Playground in Xinyi

Formerly a military firing range, the area was later converted into Zhongqiang Park, a long narrow park in Xinyi District. If you’re visiting Elephant Mountain by MRT, this is the park you walk through to reach the trail head. Zhongqiang Park is also famous as the only place in Taipei City where Green Tree frogs can be naturally spotted. The frog ecological area is located in the NE corner of the park, but as it’s fenced off it’s unlikely you’ll see any frogs, but you can hear them when walking past. At Zhongqiang Park you’ll also find a basketball rink, roller skating rink, and a recently remodeled frog themed playground with some very fun and unique playground equipment!

Address: Lane 150, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City

Phone: 02 2788 4255

Hours: 24 hours, Daily

Find out more:

Name and Address in Chinese:

名稱: 中強公園

地址: 台北市信義區信義路五段150巷

Things to do with kids:

  • Play, climb, and swing at the remodeled playground!

  • Look for frogs in the tree frog ecological area.

  • Check out the statues near the MRT entrance.

  • Bring a bike and take a ride through the park.

  • Go for a hike at nearby Elephant Mountain.




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