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Fuyang Eco Park

Fuyang Eco Park - A Toddler in Taipei - Explore Taiwan with Kids

A Small Eco-Park in Daan District

Formerly used as an ammunition depot from Japanese colonial rule all the way to 1988, the area contains an old military tunnel and the feel of a jungle. The park is fairly small, but has 331 plant species and wildlife such as tree frogs, butterflies, fish, and giant flying squirrels. Little kids may find entering the park and walking along the main walkway interesting, as it really is like entering a little-jungle, however most of the actual walks aren’t suitable for young kids as they consist of steep stairways and many of the stone stairways are covered in slippery moss. All the ideas listed below are for the flat main entrance walkway (not the hikes), but if you do venture up the stairs and dirt trails, there’s supposed to be beautiful views of Taipei 101 even better than those at Elephant Mountain.

Address: Lane 272, Wolong St., Daan District, Taipei Taiwan

Hours: 24 hours, Daily

Find out more:

Name and Address in Chinese:

名稱: 富陽自然生態公園

地址: 106台北市大安區卧龍街

Things to do with kids:

  • Check out the military-used tunnel at the park’s entrance (however, tunnel doesn’t go anywhere!)

  • Walk down the flat main walkway of the park.

  • Find the snails hidden on the backs of large leaves.

  • Look at the swamp area, part of the flat main walkway of the park.

  • Take a break, or enjoy a snack, on the benches.

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