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Rongxing Garden Park

Rongxing Garden Park - A Toddler in Taipei - Explore Taiwan with Kids

The First European Landscape Garden in Taipei

Surrounded by residential building, Rongxing Garden Park is located in Western Zhongshan District, near to Xingtian Temple. The park has big grassy fields perfect for running around and playing, as well as shady play areas underneath trees. There is also an indoor swimming pool onsite, and a recently remodeled children’s playground. The children's playground includes several stone slides, a large sand pit area, and unique rope climbing areas. In the NE corner of the park is a fun (and shaded) rock play area. There's also a fun fountain kids can splash around on hot days.

Address: No. 1, Section 3, Minquan E Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

Hours: 24 hrs, Daily

Name and Address in Chinese:

名稱: 榮星花園

地址: 104台北市中山區民權東路三段1號

Things to do with kids:

  • Go for a stroll around the park.

  • Build castles in the playground sand pit, also go on the slides, climb, or roll down a little hill.

  • Run around the big open fields.

  • Have a picnic.

  • Relax on benches under shady trees.

  • Walk on the wooden walkways over the ecological pond.

  • Play at the fountains, if they're turned on.

  • Hang out in the shady rock play area in the NE corner of the park.

  • Older kids may enjoy playing on the basketball courts and roller skating area.

  • Visit the indoor swimming pool… Adults are NT$110, and any child under 6 years old is NT$55. Both adult and children need to wear a swimsuit and swim cap. The pool building is right next to the playground area of the park. ​

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