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The Little Rock

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A Climbing Center in Shilin

The Little Rock is a climbing gym a few blocks from the Tianmu Sports Park. Free climb is available for kids of any age, and children over 4 can take classes and participate in summer/winter camps. The venue can also be rented out for birthdays and special occasions.

Address: No. 12, Section 2, Zhongcheng Road, Shilin District, Taipei City (1st Floor)

Hours: 1PM - 9PM Mon-Fri, 9AM - 9PM Sat-Sun

Phone: 02 2834 7217

Find out more:

Name and Address in Chinese:

名稱: The Little Rock小岩館

地址: 台北市士林區忠誠路二段12號1樓

Additional Information:

  • Adults and kids over 4 can free climb and take classes, shoes are provided.

  • Kids under 4 can also free climb, but shoes are not provided.

  • Admission is NT$250 per person (unlimited climb time), and there’s 10 and 30 ticket packages available.

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